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What the hell?! How the hell do you get period blood ON THE WALLS?! DO YOUR VAGINAS EXPLODE?!
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    ^this. if your body is pumping out the anticoagulants like a boss and you pull your tampon out quickly, splattering can...
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    What if you’re pulling out the tampon but it’s kind of stuck in there so you pull really hard and it just kind of...
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    Maybe if you pull your tampon out too fast it will swing and splatter blood on the wall? IDK vaginas are weird.
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    this is literally the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen in my college’s tag
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  6. zen-gabber said: Isn’t that what all vaginas do when a woman has her period?
  7. j-d-mcgregor said: They had to put a letter out because guys were clogging the dorm drains from masturbating too much. Yeah, schools have to deal with a lot of weird shit. Adding this to the list.
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